Match Report
Wisbech Grammar School Girls-U11B vs  Kings U10s
On: Wednesday, 12 Jan 2022
Venue: at Home

GS Kirsty, GA Eloise, WA Alice, C Hannah, WD Bailey, GD Ava, GK Arya

The U11's dominated this half right from the start & had all the possession, they showed good knowledge of the game & kept working the ball to the shooters. The ball didn't get into our defensive end very often as Bailey was able to intercept the majority of Ely's centre passes. First half ahead 10-0

In order to make the match more competitive and give all our players an opportunity in the attacking end, we had a complete change round in the second half.

GS Hannah, GA Ava, WA Arya, C Bailey, WD Alice, GD Eloise, GK Kirsty

Again the U11's dominated and kept the ball in their attacking end, giving Hannah & Ava lots of chances at shooting. Our shooters now had a height disadvantage so weren't always able to get the rebounds, but the team won the ball back quickly.

Final score 12-0

Player of the match - Hannah Paine

Coaches player of the match - Eloise Jackson