Match Report
Wisbech Grammar School Girls-U9A vs  Brooke Priory School
On: Friday, 18 May 2018
Venue: Away

Our under nine girls faced their first set of matches against Brooke Priory School.

We have been working hard on our bowling technique, a difficult skill to learn at such a young age. In the A team game, Libby opened the bowling with a maiden over, delivering six good balls for no runs. In her second over, Libby went one better, obtaining a wicket maiden, bowling the opposition with a lovely action. As the game progressed Maryam and Erin also took a wicket each with their bowling. The final wicket was achieved due to quick thinking by Francesca who, during her over, fielded the ball accurately at the stumps resulting in a run out. Out of 72 balls, the team only gave away five wides and fourteen no balls; a great achievement for the first match of the season.

As we play more matches, we will work on adding a little more excitement when fielding, diving for catches, squeezing the batsman on every ball and backing the wickets up, encouraging more run out attempts.

Brooke Priory scored 29 for 4 wickets from 12 overs

Specific mentions for their bowling:

In bat, the team was told to first decide the whether the ball was going to hit their wicket, if it was they had to bat a forward drive, if it wasn’t, they were to hit it as hard as they could for a boundary.

Libby and Francesca opened the batting and on the very first ball, Libby hit a 6. Unfortunately, Brooke Priory had two very good bowlers (one of whom took four wickets and was awarded their player of the match), despite Libby hitting a 4 and both Francesca and Libby running a single each, after three overs, our score was minus four, the wickets were lost by 3 bowls and 1 run out. As a team we will work on deciding which balls to choose a cross bat shot for.

The second pair, Amber and Erin, faced the next eighteen balls, with nine extras, the pair had to patient, choosing which balls to hit. Despite losing one wicket through a catch on the boundary, the pair brought our total to 25, with Erin hitting a 6 and two 4s in one over – a fantastic effort.

Rebekah and Maryam were next and at this stage, with six overs left, we only needed four more runs. Between them Rebekah and Maryam managed three singles and didn’t drop a wicket, with three no balls, the team were up to 34 runs.

With the opposition’s best bowler coming into bat, Molly and Ellie were instructed to play defensively, protecting our five run lead. In her first ball however Brooke Priory’s player of the match took her fourth wicket, hitting Molly’s stumps and levelling the scores. In the final two overs Molly hit the teams’ forth 4 of the game Ellie patiently allowed four wides to count as extras.

Our final batting total was 42 runs, conceding 6 wickets from 12 overs.

Specific mentions for their batting:

The A team comprised of: Libby, Amber, Maryam, Erin, Rebekah, Ellie, Francesca and Molly.

Libby was awarded player of the match by the opposition.

The final score: Wisbech Grammar School won by 13 runs

Well done everyone - a fantastic performance for your first game of the season!

Libby (captain for the day) wrote:

Our first match of the season was away at Brooke Priory. On a lovely sunny day we won the toss and chose to field first. Libby opened the bowling with a maiden over but Brook Priory soon settled and scored some runs. Everyone had a go at bowling and we rotated the fielding positions around the pitch. Our bowling got better and better which resulted in 4 wickets from Libby, Francesca, Maryam and Erin. We need to improve on our fielding, and make sure we back up our catchers more. In total Brooke scored 229 and then it was our turn to bat. We all batted 2 overs. Some great shots were played scoring a one 6 and many 4’s. Erin had a great batting inning scoring 15 runs and 8 from extras; however we were a little inconsistent and definitely need to work on our defence against good bowlers. Our final score was 242 for 6. A great winning start to our cricket season and we are looking forward to Beeston next week.