Match Report
Wisbech Grammar School Girls-U9C vs  Copthill School
On: Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018
Venue: Away

Wednesday 7th Feb against Copthill School

We have been practising hard to improve our netball skills in Games lessons this half term and got to put these into action on Wednesday at Copthill school. It was our first match as a team and we were excited to see how the game worked and play in lots of different positions.

Although it was a cold day, the sun was shining and we felt confident and ready to go.

I won the toss and chose the first centre pass. We remembered how to take this and quickly got the ball moving from player to player up the court. We were impressed that our passing was accurate and that we moved into spaces to receive the ball. Jessica scored the first goal and this gave us even more confidence and motivation to play well and use our skills. Myself and Jasmine were playing in defence and we managed to intercept the ball or take goal line passes really quickly. Georgia was always ready to help at Wing Defence and Kari-Ella was always busy. She marked her opponent tightly if we were defending but was always in a good space to pass to when we were attacking. Scarlett M and Jessica moved at the right time to get the ball into our shooting circle and then Scarlett Ball was able to shoot very accurately. At half time the score was 4-0 to us. Anya and Mya played WD and WA as well and got involved, with Anya getting better at making quick decisions. We continued to use excellent team work in the second half and although we scored 2 more goals, these didn’t count as they hit the top of the post before they went in and this wouldn’t have been fair play. We all played really hard until the final whistle and we were very pleased that we won the game 4-0. We did 3 cheers for the other team and then enjoyed match teas.

Well done to everyone on the U9C team. Mrs Goodier was very pleased with how we listened and played and awarded Kari-Ella the player of the match.